Glaskogen 7 days

Tour A - Glaskogen

This tour, is suitable for those who are looking for solitude in the wilderness. You will go through the natural reserve of Glaskogen with is surronded by vast forests and transparent lakes. There are beautiful canoeing routes passing through several of the 80 lakes situated in the reserve, with great fishing opportunities and unique nature experiences.
Try to camp in the area, spend the night under the open sky, sleep in a windbreak or use any overnight cabins.


paddling arvika
Photo: Birgit Ohlin

Distance: 100 km
Difficulty: medium-difficult
Portage: 8
Shop: 2. Arvika Kanotcenter, Lenungshammar.

One or two weeks tour.
Start and arrival at Arvika Kanot & Turistcenter.


Every day at 10.00 and 14.00.
Welcome the day before to check-in.


  • First week, 1390 SEK/pers for 6 nights 7 days, incl Glaskogen nature reserve fee. Extra equipment not included.
  • Second week, +1100 SEK/pers, incl Glaskogen nature reserve fee. Extra equipment not included.
  • Extra day, 150 SEK/pers/1 day. All tours, exclusive extra equipment.
  • One person alone during the tour, tour price + 50 %.
  • Discount, child up to 5 years pay only 390 SEK.
  • Discount, child from 6 years up to 15 years pay only 50 % of the tour. 
  • To see our entire range with complete prices see price list.

Included in the price

  • Map, canoe guide, briefing, canoe instruction.
  • Canoe package: swim jacket, paddles,extra paddle, canoe wagon, 2 ropes, sponge, spade, wastebags. 
  • Parking.
  • Insurance not included in the price.

"That little extra"

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