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Fishing & boating Värmland, the land of the sparkling waters, has plenty of lakes and ponds that are rich in fish.

Take the chance to get a unique nature experience from a boat. To slowly glide forward in a boat among reed ridges and islands with the nerve-wracking excitement with the fishing rod in hand. When does it chop? Because it's a question of When, not If it chops.The fish are often on the search for food! It's just a matter of you, the fisherman, taking the time to get them to chop.

Imagine being able to wake up early one morning when the fog is dense, Glafsfjorden is a mirror bank and go on a fishing trip in the spirit of serenity. The time seems to stand still when the boat slowly passes islands and reed beds. The greatest chance of getting fish is early in the morning and later in the evening. Twilight fishing is almost magical with a beautiful sunset, the air is still warm and the pike is chasing small fish in the surface. Why not try night fishing for pikeperch? Glafsfjorden is known for its pikeperch fishing! To tie a classic red / white wobbler in the light of the headlamp and wait for a bite for this delicious food fish.

Our fishing package is as cut and dried for families and groups of friends. The fishing experience becomes stronger and more enjoyable if it is shared with others. Do not forget that the Swedish official record for pike is 19,340 kg. The record is from 1999, now is the time to break the record. Maybe you will be the first to report a pike over the mythical 20 kg limit! If you want to test your fly fishing skills, we can recommend Södra Örsjön at Glaskogen. The lake contains char and is perfect for dry fly fishing!

Arvika and the surrounding area is known for its fine and abundant fishing waters. In Glafsfjorden you can catch fish such as pikeperch, perch, pike, grayling and salmon.

At Arvika Kanot & Turistcenter you can buy most fishing licenses available in our area.

At the center you can also buy fishing equipment and get fishing tips. The boats we use are Linder 440, an aluminum boat that is just as suitable for the fishing trip as the family trip. The boats come with a 4 hp boat engine, life jackets and oars. Fishing licenses are available for purchase at the Canoe Center. A common card that allows you to fish in several lakes is available.

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Remember! Everyone should wear a life jacket!