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Regular or vegetarian food boxes for 3 or 7 days

The food is packed in a 60 liter barrel and includes Kitchen equipment which is packed in a separate barrel of 40 liter and included in the price.

We have regular food boxes or vegetarian one. No vegan possibility. You can only buy a regular or a vegetarian food boxe. In the case of 1 regular person and 1 vegetarian person you must to have 2 different barrels.


  • 1 person  3 days   1550 SEK 
  • 1 person  7 days   2190 SEK 
  • 2 persons 3 days  2190 SEK 
  • 2 persons 7 days  3350 SEK

Contents of a food box 2 persons / 1 week regular

matlåda 2 pers 7 dagar
Photo: Luc Dodeman

 Fresh food

1 pkt sliced cheese
1 liquid margarine
1 tube smoked reindeer cheese
2 green apples Eco
4 carrots Eco
1st cucumber Eco

Freeze food

1 pc smoked pork Local Product 
1 pc wild boar sausages Local Product
1 piece white bread Local Product
1 piece dark bread Local Product

Dry goods

1 packet couscous
1 packet macaroni
1 packet mashed potatoes
1 packet blueberry soup
1 btl. blackcurrant juice Eco
1 pkt boiling coffee Eco
2 pkg Apple Cinamon breakfast
1 can of meatballs in sauce
1 can of sausages
1 can chilli con carne
1 pkt muesli Eco
2 pkt dry milk
1 double pkt crisp Eco
1 bag of spaghetti carbonara
2 bags Out meals
4 pkt soup like tomato basil, potato leek, shrimps, chanterelle
1 jar of honey Swedish Local Product 
1 jar Homemade raspberry jam Local Product 
1 pkt raisin
2 pkt noodles beef 2 pkt noodles chicken
1 pkt digestive biscuits
1 packet of tea bags
8 pkt chocolate drink
1 x salt 1 x pepper
5 pcs ketchup 5 pcs mustard  
2 pcs RAW chocolate Eco Local Product

Please note: The contents in the food box may vary depending on our stock

Kitchen equipment

1 Trangia spirit stove, spirit, 2 plates, 2 pcs cutlery, 2 mugs,1 can opener, a wooden ladle, wahing up liquid, sponge, toilet paper, matches.