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About me

Johanna, born and raised in Germany I never stopped moving, started vaulting (performing exercises on horseback) with the age of 3, and was riding horses before I could walk.

I loved to explore all kind of movement forms, did long and short distance running (10k races, half marathon, marathon), tried boxing, soccer, breakdance etc.

but since 2009 always landed on my yoga mat, to connect body, mind & breath movement.

For the past 15 years the movement art of yoga and Feldenkrais (awareness through movement) has been a constant learning and teaching process that was suppored by my university studies in a Bachelor of Science in Human Movement in Sports and Exercise.



BSc. Human Movement in Sports and Exercise

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Kids Yoga Teacher

Feldenkrais (awareness through movement) Practitioner

Horsebackriding  & Vaulting Teacher


Teaching since 2016 all kind of movement classes for all levels


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